Cancer Management, Treatment and Prevention

Diminishing the peril of specific Cancer may be possible through dietary and another lifestyle changes. How peril can be diminished depends upon the specific tumour. Tobacco utilization is directly associated with 33% all cancers. Not smoking and keeping up a vital separation from the presentation of tobacco smoke can altogether diminish the risk of lung, kidney, bladder, and head and neck tumour. Keeping up a vital separation from the usage of smokeless tobacco decreases the peril of threat of the mouth and tongue.

Another lifestyle change decreases the risk of a couple of sorts of Cancer. Decreasing alcohol consumption can reduce the danger of liver, and oesophageal tumour. A decreased affirmation of fat in the eating regimen appears to lessen the risk of breast and colon malady. Evading sun introduction can decrease the risk of skin growth. Covering revealed skin and using sunscreen cream with a sun Protection factor (SPF) of no under 15 that secures against both bright A and ultraviolet B light moreover help reduce the risk of skin development. Usage of headache medicine and other non-steroidal mitigating drugs (NSAIDs) decreases the threat of colorectal harm.


  • Track 1-1 Lifestyle changes
  • Track 2-2 Diet and Cancer
  • Track 3-3 Vaccinations
  • Track 4-4 Natural Therapy
  • Track 5-5 Psychological and Social Aspects

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