Microbiome and Cancer

Humans exist together with a tremendous bacterial, contagious and viral microbiome with which we have coevolved for many years. A few since quite a while ago perceived epidemiological relationship between specific microorganisms and cancer are presently comprehended at the molecular level.

In the meantime, the entry of next-gen sequencing innovation has allowed an intensive investigation of microbiomes, for example, that of the human gut, empowering perception of taxonomic and metabolomic connections between the microbiome and cancer. These examinations have uncovered causal systems for both the microbes within tumours and microorganisms in other host specialties isolated from tumours, mediated through direct and immunological components.


  • Track 1-1 Microbiome in Nutrition and Metabolism
  • Track 2-2 Microbiome: Interactions with the Human Environment
  • Track 3-3 Moving Microbiome Research into Humans and beyond

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